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Marble Surface

Health & Wellness

Feel more confident and happier in your own skin  

Non-surgical treatment using a patented safe and effective technique.

The procedure stimulates the body with deep, soothing motions that have

been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


The pressure stimulates blood circulation, immediately resulting in an influx of blood nourishment and the removal of excess fluids and toxins.


The combination of the rollers and suction stretch the connective tissue fibers, resulting in a smoother, younger looking skin.





 Help Treat:


Low back pain & stiff neck

Headache & migraine 


Morning Sickness 

Immune System 


Menstrual cramps 

Anxiety Stress & Depression 

Balancing Energy

Hair loss

Why choose Nutrifaye Aesthetic for your experience?

Our medical expert and our team will guarantee you will see results after the second treatment. With 15 years of experience in our Spa we will assure you the body contouring will make you feel relaxed and there will no usage of needles, no chemicals, no harsh abrasives, no heat, no surgery makes treatment safe and easily tolerated.

50 Mins 

Full Body experience

30 Mins

One area 


60 Mins 

Acupuncture  with Dr. Kim

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