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Our special technique mobilizes tissues and stimulates circulatory exchanges to relieve tensions and reduce stiffness. This pleasant and natural treatment restores joint mobility while significantly reducing pain. 

Mostly mechanical in nature, back pain has numerous causes and can worsen over time. Stress, excess weight, bad posture are some habits that contribute to back pain. Prompt treatment is necessary to prevent the pain from getting worse.

Back pain from sedentry lifestyle

Post pregnancy weight

Scars & Burns

Anti Aging

Breast Cancer

Back Pain
Post Pregnancy Weight

Get your pre-baby figure back. The different settings of the LPG treatment head release localized fat 70% , even the most resistant to physical exercise and diet. In addition to its slimming action, the medical endermologie treatment jump-starts natural collagen and elastin production to smooth cellulite even on fibrous areas and firm sagging skin caused by the baby’s growth.

Scars & Burns

Before the operation, the medical Endermologie technique prepares the tissue in order to maximize the surgery's results. The LPG treatment head’s mechanical stimulation activates circulatory exchanges in order to prevent the appearance of edema, to relieve tensions, and to lessen reduce stiffness.After the operation, this treatment naturally promotes scarring by making tissue supple and elastic, limits the risk of fibrosis, and helps to redefine contours by eliminating fat and sagging skin.

Pre/Post Lipo Suction

First, it helps to eliminate waste so as to effectively drain the tissue and prevents the formation of scar adherences related to fibrosis. Next, this treatment stimulates natural collagen and elastin production to improve the healing process in order to ease pain and restore mobility.

Packages Include

  • Intensive detoxifying: combination of the Lymphatic Drainage technique and acupuncture.

    that will release all forms of muscular tension from the upper back.

  • Mommy makeover: 

        Lymphatic drainage for the face and body.

        Targeted firming treatment for the abdomen and waist.

          Cellular regeneration for the face and neck.

          Targeted treatment for puffiness and dark circles.

  • Anti-aging:​ Full body, face and neck massage as well as the chest and hands.

        Cellular regeneration face treatment with the application of a peeling skincare product.​

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Faye is a dedicated face and body skin care therapist specializing in cellulite treatments, body sculpting and anti-aging methods.